Worship Times

Sundays During Summer (June through August)

9:00 a.m. –  Rite II Holy Eucharist with Choral Music

The Eucharist is structured around the actions of taking, blessing, breaking, and sharing the gifts of bread and wine as the body and blood of Christ. The summer schedule 9:00 a.m. Eucharist is a beautiful and classic service with hymns in modern English. This is our main service and families are encouraged to attend.   Many portions of the service and hymns are sung, led by the parish choir. Anthems from the long choral tradition of Anglican Church music are often featured. Please note that there is no Sunday School during our summer season.

6:00 p.m. – Contemporary Rite II Service

The Eucharist is not just a reward for the pure and happy but is medicine for the hurting and broken.  This service happens in our side chapel and is a quieter and more contemplative way to end your Sunday in communion with God and others.  The service is unaccompanied by music and very simple.  Anointing for healing is available if desired.

Sundays During School Year (September through May)

8am, 10:15am, and 6:00pm

Sunday Mornings begin with a quiet service of Rite I Eucharist, a traditional spoken Communion service with a sermon and music, but no singing, at 8:00 am.

Sunday 10:15 am is the largest service of the week with choir, organ, piano, and a more contemporary liturgy. Rite II feels more familiar for many, and this tends to be the service for most families, who stay after the education hour at 9:15, for worship. Children are welcome at all of our service, but they are active and visible mainly at this one. The service is traditional and beautiful, centered in music, preaching, and worship offered to God in joy and an architecture of peace.

Sunday evenings at 6:00 pm is our quietest and least formal service, a Rite II spoken liturgy in the side chapel. It is a warm service of friends, even for strangers, because in this quiet place we experience the peace and love of Christ in an intimate and close service without music.

Wednesday Healing Service at 10:00am

Wednesdays Eucharist at 10:00 a.m. is held in the side chapel with prayers for healing and the laying on of hands offered after Communion and a sermon that is usually about the saint of the day.

What Are Services Like?

Each service varies in length from about 40 minutes to a little over an hour. While our church is fairly traditional, we are as diverse in opinion as you will find anywhere. You are welcome whether you think like the person next to you or not. We seek to know Christ together, so other considerations are less important than learning to know, love, and serve Christ.

There are often people in shorts and sandals and suit coats at the same service because we come from all sorts of places physically, spiritually, financially, and politically. You are welcome from wherever you find yourself. We have a place for you at Christ Church of the Ascension.