Services and Classes


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9 am Online Service - Morning Prayer

ZOOM Meeting ID# 913 8140 9028, Password 4015

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10:30 am Eucharist Service in the Church

(Masks should be worn within 6 feet of others and in common areas.)

Nursery Care is available during this service for infants - Pre-K children.

Please click here for Sunday School information (K-5th grades).

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6 pm Eucharist Service in the Church

(Masks should be worn for the entire service.)

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Wednesday - 10:00 am Healing Eucharist Service in the Church Chapel

(Masks should be worn for the entire service.)


NOTE: All classes will be held ONLINE ONLY until further notice. Click the link above and scroll down the page to see class dates, links and times!


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Love Christ

“The Holy Eucharist, the principal act of Christian worship on the Lord's Day and other major Feasts, and Daily Morning and Evening Prayer, as set forth in this Book, are the regular services appointed for public worship in the Church.” - from the 1979 BCP

Loving Christ

Life at Christ Church of the Ascension is centered in offering beautiful worship to the Creator. This makes sense given the glory of our natural surroundings in the Sonoran Desert. Watching the sun rise over Camelback Mountain or set in hues of purple and orange in the west or hearing the choir bring joy to Bach’s hymns - we are lifted up as we bring our best to our worship. 
The beauty of the traditional and the elegance of the good are hallmarks of our community. Our daily prayer services, weekly Eucharists, and special services are all based in the 1979 Book of Common Prayer. The services feel familiar and friendly, filled with both the cadences of Scripture and peals of laughter; we love Christ in our worship as in our whole lives.

Daily Office

Worship begins in our sanctuary on a Sunday, but is naturally continued throughout the week in our homes in time of prayer and praise. An essential part of the Episcopal tradition is the practice of saying the Daily Offices, morning and evening prayer services found in the Book of Common Prayer. 
Around the globe in various languages, Anglicans and Episcopalians are offering continual prayers of adoration, confession, and thanksgivings. We make joining in as easy as possible through online resources.
You can participate in the Daily Offices easily through websites like or  
and the list of phone apps you can find HERE
 Our worship of God and our love of Christ are simple responses to the goodness of God and the wonder of our creation, redemption, and salvation. As a royal priesthood, we are a part of lifting up to God our love and praise.
The worship style of our church is called liturgical, which is very structured compared to other traditions, but which allows everyone to be a part of the service. The ordained or lay leader gathers the prayers of the community, but it is the community that prays.

Loving Christ and Each Other: Koinonia 

The church is not a building, even though we have beautiful buildings. The church is a community of disciples of Jesus. The disciples ate with Jesus frequently in the Gospels, as did tax collectors, religious people, sinners, and foreigners. 
We often get together as the people of Christ Church at social events like dinners, talent shows, camping, and coffee hours. These moments may be beautiful planned events or simple gatherings, but just like in Jesus’s ministry, they are essential to life in Christ.
Laughter and hugs, tears and handshakes, pancakes and cups of joe are theological statements about where we believe Christ is known and loved and served. See our schedule for the next chance to proclaim your faith. 


Baptism is the first sacrament of the church.  It is how we formally enter into life of Christ and membership in the church. Preparation for baptism is done with the clergy in both personal consultation and catechism, and offered annually in the season of Lent. Please contact Shana Halpin to set up an appointment at or 602-840-8210. 

Membership at Christ Church of the Ascension 

As part of the Episcopal church, membership requires being a baptized  Episcopalian or member of another tradition in common communion such as Evangelical Lutheran, Methodist, or Moravian. In such cases, a simple form available HERE or through the office is all that is required to move membership. Confirmation or reception is required for any other baptized member of the church. 


Confirmation and Reception

Confirmation is the adult affirmation of baptism and full reception into membership and responsibilities of being an Episcopal Christian. It involves kneeling to receive the laying on of hands by a Bishop of the church, usually in a regional service. Preparation for confirmation involves Catechesis (classes provided during Lent each year) and a meeting with the clergy of the parish. Contact the office for an appointment.
Reception into the Episcopal Church is for those who have been Baptized and Confirmed into another tradition.  If you grew up as a Roman Catholic, for example, and wanted to become a member of Christ Church, you would apply for membership and meet with the clergy and be received into the Episcopal Church at a regional Confirmation service. 


Marriage at Christ Church of the Ascension is available to members and requires a meeting with clergy, premarital counseling, and a faith statement. You may contact the office at or 602-840-8210.

Confession and Reconciliation

The sacrament of confession and absolution is known as Reconciliation in the Book of Common Prayer, and while not required in the Episcopal Church is to be commended for all. 
God absolves sins, and any believer may approach the Lord through the grace offered in Jesus for forgiveness of sins.  However, there are times when the help and counsel of a pastor or priest is needed for various reasons. 
You may contact the clergy anytime through the office or the pastoral care line to set up an appointment for Reconciliation. 

Visitation, Lay Eucharistic Visitors, Pastoral Care, and Last Rites

If there is need of pastoral care, prayer, or visitation you may contact the Pastoral Care line at 602-840-8210.  Someone will call you back shortly if you leave a message, and a visit will be arranged when appropriate.

Funerals and the Memorial Garden 

Christ Church of the Ascension offers a beautiful location for worship and remembrance. For Funerals and Memorial Services, please contact the office to make arrangements to meet with Clergy and Staff to make arrangements. 
The Memorial Garden at Christ Church is a beautiful place for members who are looking for a place of remembrance for their loved ones.  The Garden is maintained by a guild that oversees both its upkeep and endowment fund. You may make contributions through the office or contact the office for information regarding internment.