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Wind and Rain

The Monsoon season in Arizona has been a part of life in the desert since I came here in high school.  I love the storms.  As a boy I watched fronts move across the Mississippi skies from the Gulf of Mexico, and when I was older I chased tornadoes in the Mississippi Delta where you could watch from miles away.

But there is something awe inspiring about the monsoon weather when the skies darken, and the wind whirls and rain drives against the house, testing everything.

The not so great part is when things fail the test. Palo Verde trees we love taken out on campus, minor leaks, and roofs that need repair.

Lives have storms. At the end of the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus tells his disciples and the crowds that if they would follow the teachings of the sermon, they were like builders who built their house on bedrock, but those who did not were like those who build on sand.  In both cases, the storms will come.

When we follow Jesus, there will still be storms. The question for us is, “Where are you setting your foundations?”

After the last couple of years and their disappointments, changes, and challenges, it is time to see if we passed the tests. The monsoons have come in all of our lives. Now is when we pick up the patio furniture and check the roof, clean up and see where we stand.

As we continue in Mark’s Gospel on Sunday, the storm has come for Jesus and everyone who loved John the Baptist.  Herod has him beheaded, the story we get on Sunday, and this will mark Jesus’s ministry from here forward. 

For us, the question stands.  Are your foundations set well and deep? Did you make it through the storms?  Are you in need of some foundation repair?

This Sunday come and hear how we might reset our foundations and how the storms can reveal who we are and what God is doing in the deep parts of us. 


The Very Rev. Daniel P. Richards
Rector, Christ Church of the Ascension