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What is the purpose? What is your purpose?

In Revelation 21 the new Jerusalem, the City of God, comes down to earth. For two weeks we explore this image of our final destiny, the world’s final destiny.

This last week we saw that in that day we will be in the presence of God directly, and so we should know what kind of God this is whose presence we will be in. 

Jesus reveals God to be the Abba, Dad, who created all things, cares for them, and “makes the rain fall on the righteous and the unrighteous.” 

The way that I see this working out in a rule is Be good to all people, no matter who they are or what they have done.

This is not just be good, which is indirect, but rather be to all people. We, as followers of Christ, do not get to choose because God did not choose some people over others. As God’s children we are to love as he loves, and that means everybody.

Give to others in need. Forgive sins. None of this is new. 

But put it into the image of Revelation 21. One day you will stand before God and answer for how you love the people God gave you to love and serve. And God is merciful, but God also demands that we try because we have been given back our place as God’s own children, heirs of the Kingdom of God.

I often think that when we finally get there, there will be myriads of people there who are longing to see us, whom we are longing to see. But there will be people we never knew and did not notice who will also want to see us and share with us how our lives have impacted them. 

Can you imagine that? A woman walks up to in the City of God and hands you a glass of the water of life infused with that months fruit (see this week’s readings) and says, “You don’t remember me, but I worked for you. In my darkest days you treated me with respect and honor and showed me that I was worthwhile. Because of that . . . “ 

Our lives have a profound purpose, to love as God loves. Fierce and faithful. Protective and generous and good. And when we finally enter those gates that never close, we will find ourselves at home with a family that is larger than we can envision.

So join us in practicing for that day, here in this embassy of that reality, where we rehearse the Kingdom of God until that is all there is.