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What Belongs to You

There is a little book on relationships called **the Four Agreements.** Now the subtitle and text of the book claims that the author Miguel Ruiz is offering Toltec wisdom.  I do not ascribe to that claim, but the book offers some helpful guidance on relationships to others and the world. My personal favorite the Second Agreement: “Don’t Take Anything Personally.”

I cannot claim to always do that, of course, especially in my closest relationships, but it offers freedom from attachment to other people’s control of your emotional state. My personal credo includes something like, “Own what belongs to you, and not what does not.” I take responsibility for my own life, responsibilities, words, and mistakes. But I try hard not to own or guess at what belongs to someone else unless they tell me or show me unmistakably. 

Stewardship of my own life is the beginning of maturity, understanding that for a Christian what I have is not my own but God’s. I take ownership as an heir would of God’s life, world, people, and church. This is a vast increase of responsibility, and not one that everyone is capable of taking on. But I look around and am inspired by those who have done just that quietly and inspirationally.

This week as we turn toward Stewardship and Walking more deeply in Love, the question stands, **Is this your church? ** Obviously it does not belong to everybody, and maybe you are asking yourself that very question right now as you read, as you pray, and seek God.

I encourage you to walk with us these next few weeks as we prepare to consider our dedication to this place. Begin with turning to those passages we have looked at together, Romans 12 and Colossians 3, and the Sermon on the Mount Matthew 5-7, and ask if this is your life, what are you going to do with it? 

Don’t let what belongs to you go untended, un-cared for. I am still learning to live into the wisdom of the Bible, and sometimes I find some helpful things picked up along the way, like Ruiz’s little books. I can wander around a long time looking for the next bite of wisdom, but there is a meal prepared for us already in the living Bread of Christ served every week in his church, Christ Church.