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What a Year! What a Meeting!

Thank you to everyone who showed up virtually for the annual meeting. It was quite a recap of the year that was 2020. Thank you for your work this last year, your giving, your kind words, and your worship.

As we look forward together, I want to simply ask you to pray for Christ Church daily. An arrow heavenward everyday at noon. Pray that God will move in our parish and congregation this year in new ways.

This place is supposed to be an embassy of the Kingdom of God, an outpost where grace is known in tangible ways.  In the past that could be a hug or a handshake or a cup of coffee at the table with friends.  Those familiar acts are not back in force yet, so we use the tools we have to show others that God’s grace and Christ’s love are here, wherever here happens to be. 

We show the Spirit at work in us as we look deeply at our own lives and ask how we might show what God is doing.  We saw last year’s testimony this past Sunday.  Now it is time to write new pages in the book of history.

As we begin to plan for Lent, beginning on the 17th of February with Ash Wednesday, things will still be different, but our need to be together will remain.  Join us in whatever way you can, and let our love be known in the people of this place.


The Very Rev. Daniel P. Richards

Rector, Christ Church of the Ascension