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Welcome Home – Abiding in Christ

Sunday we continue with the Sermon Series on Living in the Resurrection: Forgiveness as the Way of Life, Love as Feeding the Sheep, and now Abiding in Christ.

Learning how to remain rooted in Christ when the world pulls us in a thousand directions and our emotions pull us down, or boredom sends us out looking for something new and exciting, this is the secret of being able to forgive without holding back and give without worry. This is the secret to having internal peace.

When we rest in Christ’s presence and know that we are loved by God, we can be stable when everything is unstable. But learning to rest is not easy. I am way more wired to work harder than to rest easy. I am trying to learn.

In my case, I am trying to remember. I learned early in my career about burnout and exhaustion, but I get busy too easily because I love the mission, and I miss the action when I am away. In 2020, some people learned to rest (not necessarily by choice), but my time like many other people’s only got fuzzier at the edges. Not going in on the same schedule meant never really being fully out of the office. It is everywhere and all the time. So I never really got rested.

This way of life has been coming since we first put our phones in our pockets and moved our letters to email. We have to learn boundaries and limits again.

This is not just a matter of being negative. It is about the joy of abiding. The joy that comes from just being in the presence of God and letting that joy become normal and as pervasive as the ringing of our devices, this is how we will take back our lives, our hearts and minds, and find forgiveness, love, and peace.

The peace that Christ gives is not dependent on living in external calm and rest, but it is best learned there. So let us explore Sunday how we might find that abiding peace together. 


The Very Rev. Daniel Paul Richards

Christ Church of the Ascension

Paradise Valley, AZ