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We are God’s Word to the World in Christ

How are people to know who God is? In the Bible, the statement to the world about the nature of God was meant to be us, the people called to serve in his Name. 

In the Hebrew Law, Torah, was not written so people should read the Torah, but that by their lives the people would model the nature and way of God. In their hospitality to strangers and foreigners in the land, ethics, treatment of the land, worship, and even food choices, the people of Israel would reveal God to the world.

“And they shall be my people, and I shall be their God.”

You and I, church, are God’s statement of who God is as revealed in Christ. In our hospitality, treatment of strangers and foreigners in the land, the poor and widowed, our ethics, worship, and yes, even in our food choices, we reveal who God is in Christ.

It is hard to even write that knowing how far short I fall of that mark. God is so much more  holy, just, compassionate, forgiving, giving, graceful, and fair than I can be. But, I am learning. I keep striving because as I am shaped by the Holy Spirit I come to know God more and love God’s children more. 

As we enter into this coming season of church life, our theme is Walking in God’s Love. We join the church’s presiding bishop focus on this theme, but we also recognize that we are going to have to work out what that means in our context, our homes, our lives, choices, ethics, and maybe even in what we eat.

What practice can you consider to embody your faith this year? How can we walk in love together?