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Walking In Love

Walking in love. It’s what pilgrims did to get to holy sites in ancient times, and the first pilgrimage site in England was the town that is now called St. Alban’s. When Constantine legalized Christianity in 313, the site of the martyrdom of St. Alban was already a pilgrimage destination, and because of this, the church that now stands there is the site of the longest continuous Christian worship in Britain.

St. Alban’s Cathedral

As you may know, in April of this year the CCA choir made our own pilgrimage to St. Alban’s Cathedral. Along the way, we visited important sites of the faith — Canterbury Cathedral, Sunday morning worship in Westminster Abbey — but the cornerstone was undoubtedly the experience of leading Evensongs for a week in the spectacular old Cathedral. It was like dipping our toe in the deep well of heritage, an uplifting experience that brought us together both musically and spiritually. 

You can see videos of some of the songs we sang on our choir’s webpage.

The experience also brought us closer together as friends. Whether you serve your church in the choir loft or the Sunday school classroom, at coffee hour or Phoenix Rescue Mission, you find that the community of those around you deepens and strengthens. Whatever it is that suits you — teaching or learning, praying or groundskeeping — there is an element of togetherness that is central to the idea of walking in love.

As a group, the choir does spend time together outside our regular Sunday mornings, whether it’s rehearsing every Wednesday, contributing to the great tradition of Evensong in England, or singing for residents of a nearby retirement home. This Sunday afternoon, for example, we will be singing an anthem for the opening service of the local chapter of the American Guild of Organists — it was an honor to be invited. But our primary hope and goal is to help lift up the worship of the whole church.

Looking forward, we are making Evensongs a regular part of parish life. This season, you can join us at 6 pm on September 29 and November 3 for the centuries-old evening prayer service uplifted by music. I hope you do, so that we can walk a small part of that pilgrim path together. – Tom

Christ Church Choir at St. Alban’s