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The Keeping of the Faith

One of the most amazing things about the English Reformation, of which our church is heir, is that the Anglicans did not get rid of the outward form, but they did reform the inner form of the church.

We kept the vestments and frontals, holy days and venerations, but we changed how they were thought of as acts of faith. We thank God for saints, but we do not pray to them. We love the stuff of faith, but we also recognize that our faith is not in stuff.

Our faith is in Jesus. We trust what he taught, what he revealed, and what he accomplished for us in his teachings, life, death, and resurrection. The form is just how we live and express our faith and how we keep it.

We keep our faith in the little acts and rituals, hours of prayer and reading the Bible and a thousand small acts of gratitude and love.

Being at home should not be a challenge to us if we are keeping our faith in those myriad small acts that still continue.

  • a memory verse taped over the bathroom sink
  • a treasured prayer book by the bed
  • an hour of reading in the morning or music at noon

We keep our faith in small containers sometimes because we know that our faith is the small side of the equation. God’s faithfulness is where the real hope is, and all the world cannot contain it.

Keep watch with us this weekend for how God’s faithfulness will be revealed, as we gather online through Zoom (see links and instructions below) for worship and study and a little taste of fellowship.

I want you to know that we are working on Holy Week offerings. There will be nightly services of Evening Prayer Monday through Wednesday, and the Triduum of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Easter.

You can hear the Rev. Timothy and I talking about the process of planning on the Ascending Conversations podcast.