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Stewardship: Walking Like Jesus

When I was a teenager in Mississippi, there was this one kid who was a little older and way cooler than me.  Well, he was cooler than anyone else at the school. And he walked just like Michael Jordan. It is this long stride, lanky casual gait that just looked totally relaxed even when moving down the court in a basketball game. 

As a Christian, we want to walk like Jesus. Not that we know what his stride looked like, but rather we want to move through the world as he did, bringing healing, peace, forgiveness, truth, and love. To walk like Jesus you have to see how he walked by studying, just like I studied that high schooler in Mississippi. You have to practice and execute. 

But the truth is that walking like Jordan did not mean that you could play ball like Jordan. To do that you had to practice and live, eat, and sleep basketball. As a Christian, if you want the freedom and power of Christ, you have to practice and live like he did.

Stewards were expected to do business, to run the home, and to act like their master for their master when they were away. We are Christ’s stewards, but we have to learn to walk as he did, do business, run the home, and to act like him for him when he is away.

Because though Christ is not visible in person, he is visible in his Body the Church when we act as him. He gave himself for us, so we do not need to offer our bodies in sacrifice in that way, but we do give back in our lives by living as he did, self-sacrificially for others, bringing healing, peace, forgiveness, and love in his name.

The season of stewardship is about a slice of that sacrificial giving in money. We use the tithe as our measuring stick, but the truth is that we want every member involved by pledging and giving sacrificially so that we can offer Christ through this place where we learn and model how to walk like Jesus. 

Please pledge your support to Christ Church of the Ascension. Walk in Love with us.