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Seabury Sunday next Weekend!!!

Bring some bangers and mash a week early.

Every year for more than a decade, we have celebrated Seabury Sunday with bagpipes, drums, tartans, and flags. Next weekend we will celebrate the first bishop to be consecrated for the nascent American Episcopal Church. This is the birthday for our denomination, and a chance to sneak in a little love for the Scottish tradition that played a role in ordaining our first bishop. More on that next week. 

But this week, bring your bangers and mash early. We are having a Stewardship Potluck this Sunday after the 10:15 a.m. service for families and those who wish to join us to hear about Stewardship and just celebrate being together. 

Stewardship. Bringing something to share is a great way to think about stewardship at its simplest level. Our church community is made up of us, the members of the church. In some ways church is fundamentally a weekly feast where we are shaped and formed as followers of Jesus by living into the liturgy. 

We gather, hear Scripture and apply it to our lives, pray and give thanks, and share in a feast of bread and wine. This is our Passover in that Christ is the lamb we consume in communion. His blood on our hearts is the mark that we are God’s people and safe from death. Our communion is our enactment of salvation history.

Each week we break bread together and remember. But in a potluck we also bring our own bread to share with others as a small offering of our lives. (It doesn’t have to be just bread or bangers and mash.) We practice our common life and actively take part in providing for each other. I love when other people taste something that I have made. It is so basic as a human to share food.

We feed each other. That is true in a potluck, but it is also true in classes, phone calls and visits to the sick, coffee with a friend in crisis, and the thousand small supports of being a community. The pledge is just a part of that community-being. 

Join us after the 10:15 this week with something to share and be a part of the community of God at table.