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Reviving Faith

Dear People of Christ Church,

I never enjoyed tilling when I was growing up. It was hard work to turn under the soil and prepare for the new planting. You tilled at the end of a season of harvest, and you tilled again just before plowing to plant.

As we enter a season of planting, I am asking you to participate in ReVive, a spiritual life program from Forward Movement. We will begin with a spiritual life survey that will both give each of us a window into our own life with God, and the results will be compiled together to give us a snapshot of our life as a community.

You will get a personal invitation in the next few weeks, and now is the time to prepare our hearts. Plow the fields with us and begin to fertilize with prayers. Pray for our parish, your priests, and the Lord’s will and blessing on the harvest ahead.

Join us on Wednesday nights through Zoom during June and July as we ReVive our parish.

In Christ,