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Public Service Reminder: This election season has been shorter than the last five.

It may not feel like it, but this year’s cycle is shorter. But that only seems to have turned up the volume on the emotions. 

As Christians, we have to train ourselves to hold a divine perspective as children of the Creator God, who is not governed by elections nor limited by time.  We represent God in the world as his children. And we do that by how we live and ultimately what we are willing to live and die for.

Before you complain about my hanging prepositions, stop and think about what is missing. 

The values that define us as Christians are not on display much in our politics. Forgiveness, mercy, and grace are not on the platform. Love of enemies never scores high in the polls. It is a good time to turn off the election and turn to the Sermon on the Mount. 

Before you post that next meme or forward that next message, hear from your King. Ask what you are supposed to be saying with your life and with your words. 

I get it.  I have strong opinions and grave fears for the state of our nation and our world. But this moment will pass, and we will stand before God long after the confetti has been swept up and forgotten.

What will you stand for before him? What will your life have said then when the internet is off and your words have to answer to the Word made flesh?

Imagine your words in that context before you let them go in any other.  Remember that you represent Christ when you speak to the world.

Faith is political.  It is not partisan. What our politicians do and say as Christians really matters, and I have strong opinions about that as I said, but I do not impose them from the pulpit because I have a greater purpose here:

I am a catechist of the Kingdom of God. I try to teach what Christ taught. And I try to live as he would live my life. I fall short, but that is the target I aim for. What is yours?

This election cycle there are huge implications for our nation about what kind of nation we will be. But closer to home and around the world your next sentence, your next minute holds huge implications about the kind of person you will be, what kind of church we will be.

We have been made a family in Christ. And families are bound by a lot of things, but not by common opinions. We are bound by Common Prayer and common purpose. Join us for prayer and worship. And join us in the larger eternal purpose we all share.

The Very Rev. Daniel P. Richards

Christ Church of the Ascension

Paradise Valley, Arizona