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Pentecost and Summer Faith.

Is it getting hot around here? As June settles in it is a good time to think through a plan for your summer faith. In the Episcopal church, people seem to think that God takes the summer months off. 

Around here that makes sense, given the weather feels less heavenly, but it was true in the Midwest as well. People disappear. Everything gets quieter. All of this makes sense here, but it bears a few paragraphs of thought.

In our tradition, the church is the whole body of Christ at worship and work. That continues all year! The Holy Spirit alighted on all the disciples at Pentecost and abides in you since you became part of that body. 

Disciples breathe the breath of God as they pray, read Scripture, and do what they are called to do in Christ’s name. To keep that up while traveling and dealing with the activities of summer means plans and keeping a simple rule.

This is a good time to do some reading and praying every day. Take a Bible with you. There are good versions for your phone or tablet, or even just a good old paper version. This is a good time to read Romans or John and take a few notes. Then ask how this passage can apply to your life.

Have a plan to continue to give to the parish through the summer and to do some acts of simple service to others. That may be doing something kind for a family member or volunteering for a ministry, but do something for others.

In the quiet of the days, rest in God’s presence, just breathe in the Spirit, and listen. God may be calling you, even in the summer, to new paths of discipleship. 

As we work to hire a new minister for families and children and communications  staff member, please keep the church in your prayers. We are one body in Christ. As we seek to grow, we need each other. 

In Pentecost, the disciples were all together in one room, praying and waiting together to see what God would do. This summer we can all be together, even if we are not always in one place. 

Happy Summer.