Nourish Phoenix/Interfaith Cooperative Ministries (ICM)

From the 1980s until present day, Nourish Phoenix (formerly ICM Food and Clothing Bank) has had a rich history in providing services for the working poor in Phoenix. They believe that no matter the situation, each individual should have hope and dignity when facing the extreme adversity that life hands us, and that each piece of clothing, each piece of food, each item received is one-by-one changing the world for good. Nourish Phoenix helps with:

- Financial Literacy
- Healthy Eating
- Dressing for Job Interviews
- and more!

Nourish Phoenix/ICM uses prescription bottles (push down & lock caps) to distribute toiletries to their clients. Please bring your empty medication bottles (remove labels please!) and leave them in the donation box near the West entrance of the Narthex. Contributions of large bottles of toiletry items such as shampoo, baby shampoo, body wash, body lotion, razors, and other useful items such as clothing donations would be very helpful to Nourish Phoenix/ICM's clients, as well.

Volunteers are needed to help sort food and clothing for Nourish Phoenix/ICM; please visit their website for more information, email the church office or call 602-840-8210.