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Oh the Cross, Oh the Glory!

The Triduum is finally here. The “three days” feast at the very center of our faith. It is both the horror of shameful abuse, torture, and death and the glories of new life and victory over death.

We do not focus much in our tradition on how terrible the crucifixion was, as I am reminded by Fleming Rutledge’s magisterial Crucifixion: Understanding the Death of Jesus Christ. It was meant from beginning to end to destroy a human being beyond remembrance. It was meant to erase the humanity of the crucified. 

That reminder is crucial to understanding the sacrifice of God of not only life, but dignity, honor, even the remnant left to our humanity. He went to the bitter ends of destruction before he entered into hell to release our humanity from its captivity. 

As we stand tonight on the edge of remembrance, it is worth your time to worship and be horrified, not to linger there but to be filled with the gravity of grace and to take seriously the depths and heights of love.

We worship and adore the one crucified, the Christ, whose lordship is humility and whose majesty is service. 

The next three days take us from the intimacy of foot washing and meal to the injustice of show trials and the politics of Pilate to the terror of the cross to the joy of discovery and new life. It is a journey in a few days of eternity.

Join us.  Take your time for morning worship online through Facebook and in person. 

We have added tents to the outdoor services this weekend due to the heat, but you are still encouraged to wear a hat and bring your joy. 

There was a time when hats were celebrated at Easter.  This is a good year to take up that old tradition and don your chapeau.

In Christ,


The Very Rev. Daniel Paul Richards
Christ Church of the Ascension
Paradise Valley, Arizona