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Sunday Service Times

NOTE: Worship services will be held ONLINE ONLY until 4/20/20. Click the service link below to participate in the online ZOOM service.

8 am Online Service - Morning Prayer Rite I

10:15 am Online Service - Morning Prayer Rite II

6 pm Online Service - Evening Prayer Rite II

ONLINE Holy Week Services

NOTE: These worship services will be held online ONLY. Click the service time links below to attend via ZOOM.

Palm Sunday, 4/5
8 pm, 10:15 am, 6 pm

Holy Week Monday, 4/6
6 pm

Holy Week Tuesday, 4/7
6 pm

Holy Week Wednesday, 4/8
6 pm

Maundy Thursday, 4/9
7 pm

Good Friday, 4/10
Noon, 7 pm

Holy Saturday, 4/11
10 am, 7pm Vigil

Easter Sunday, 4/12
8 am, 10:15 am, 6 pm

Online Interactive Classes

NOTE: All classes will be held ONLINE ONLY until 4/20/20. Click the class link below to participate via ZOOM.

Bible in a Year online classes
SUNDAYS at 9:00 am

Click here for the Bible in a Year Study Guide


Surprised by Hope online classes 


Lenten Series online "The Person of Christ" 
WEDNESDAYS at 6:30 pm through 4/8


Women's Bible Study online classes
THURSDAYS at 10 am

Click here for weekly Bible Study lessons
(use the readings from the Sunday FOLLOWING the Bible Study date)

Summer Service Times

(6/14/20 through 9/6/20)

9:00 AM and 6:00 PM

Special/Holiday Services

Please note: no physical worship services will take place on campus through 4/20/20.

Directions to Christ Church

The Keeping of the Faith

By Daniel P. Richards | March 28, 2020

One of the most amazing things about the English Reformation, of which our church is heir, is that the Anglicans did not get rid of the outward form, but they did reform the inner form of the church. We kept the vestments and frontals, holy days and venerations, but we changed how they were thought…

A Week of Rapid Change

By Daniel P. Richards | March 20, 2020

Another week of rapid change has left us all feeling a sense of whiplash. A week ago today I was driving around Lake Havasu for a visit to another parish, and I was struck by the number of people from California and thinking that we should probably be careful about exposure. By then people were…

COVID-19 Response 3/16/20

By Daniel P. Richards | March 16, 2020

Our campus at Christ Church of the Ascension is closed until April 20th as part of our community’s attempt to restrict the spread of the coronavirus.  Our staff will be working from home and available by phone and email during regular business hours. While we are not formally in the office, we will be maintaining…

Corona Virus or COVID-19: Response

By Daniel P. Richards | March 12, 2020

“Have peace.” This is what Jesus says over and over again in the New Testament when something profound is revealed. This seems to me to be more than simply, “Have faith.” Faith is trust or “belief in things not seen.” Faith is part of this, but the more difficult discipline is to have peace when…

Jesus as our Savior/Coronavirus, COVID-19, and Communion

By Daniel P. Richards | March 5, 2020

Jesus as our Savior Jesus is our savior. This phrase is central to the proclamation of the church, but not one you hear in conversation in the mainline world. Jesus has saved the world from the condemnation of sin. In Christ, God has forgiven us and offers us a righteousness that is not our own.…

Fasting, Prayer, and a Holy Lent

By Daniel P. Richards | February 27, 2020

Fasting, Prayer, and a Holy Lent Fasting is a regular part of Lenten practice and the practice most associated with Lent, but it is often misunderstood. Fasting is neither for penitence nor to earn God’s love or salvation.  Penitence is being sorrowful for sins, or the act of paying for sins through self-imposed suffering. It…

The Transfiguration and the Move from Epiphany to Lent

By Daniel P. Richards | February 20, 2020

Christmas and Epiphany move toward revelation. Christmas moves from the Incarnation in a lowly manger revealed mostly to shepherds to the coming of the astrologers “wise ones” from the East. The world is changed, and then the change is revealed. Epiphany begins with the wise ones visiting a toddler and ends with the man revealed…

The Image of God

By Daniel P. Richards | February 13, 2020

As we have looked at the theology of God in the church over the last few weeks, we have also been looking at how we view ourselves. The claim of the faith is that we have been given the power of God to become his children by Jesus, our first born brother.  The word we…

Old Photos of God

By Daniel P. Richards | February 6, 2020

We don’t have photographs of God. It is that simple. We don’t have old Polaroids or 35 millimeter prints, no daguerreotypes or pinhole camera images of the divine. We just have us.  God is known by his children. Jesus was the first-begotten, or “mono-genos” in Greek. But through Christ we have been given power to…

When Clergy Pray Together

By Daniel P. Richards | January 30, 2020

Up at Chapel Rock, the Bishop gathers the deacons and priests of the diocese for a time of reunion, recreation, and learning. The annual clergy conference is always a little bit like a call to better work and a family reunion.  Although we work just down the street from each other, it is the best…