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9 am Online Service - Morning Prayer

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10:30 am Eucharist Service in the Church

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6 pm Eucharist Service in the Church

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ONLINE Sunday School Weekly Premiere

Wednesday - 10:00 am Healing Eucharist Service in the Church Chapel

No registration required; sign in when you arrive.


NOTE: All classes will be held ONLINE ONLY until further notice. Click the link above and scroll down the page to see class dates, links and times!


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Mothers and the Holy Spirit

By Daniel P. Richards | May 6, 2021

Mother’s Day is this Sunday.  Heads up, late shoppers!  Mother’s Day is great for most, and awful for a few. The church in the post-modern United States has not always known what to do with non-nuclear family women. I have heard more than a few unfortunate things said to women around Mother’s Day.But, I also…

Welcome Home – Abiding in Christ

By Daniel P. Richards | April 29, 2021

Sunday we continue with the Sermon Series on Living in the Resurrection: Forgiveness as the Way of Life, Love as Feeding the Sheep, and now Abiding in Christ. Learning how to remain rooted in Christ when the world pulls us in a thousand directions and our emotions pull us down, or boredom sends us out…

Seriously Read First John

By Daniel P. Richards | April 22, 2021

It won’t take you long, and it may be one of the most important summations of how to live our faith in relationships. It is about love, but do not miss that it has boundaries and people who are working against the cause of Christ. We often think of love as this sweet lovely feeling that…

Easter II – the Gospel of Forgiveness of Sins

By Daniel P. Richards | April 15, 2021

“What are you looking for?” Jesus asked his first inquisitive followers. In the Garden before he was crucified, he asked the mob of soldiers and police and religious officials, “Whom are you looking for?”  “Why are you here?” Maybe that’s the way we might put it today.  We come to know God and be known…

Oh the Cross, Oh the Glory!

By Daniel P. Richards | April 1, 2021

The Triduum is finally here. The “three days” feast at the very center of our faith. It is both the horror of shameful abuse, torture, and death and the glories of new life and victory over death. We do not focus much in our tradition on how terrible the crucifixion was, as I am reminded…

Entering the Mystery Again – Holy Week

By Daniel P. Richards | March 25, 2021

Every year we come back to the central mystery of the faith as Christ enters into Jerusalem. The mystery is held in two images of the King. Jesus rides into Jerusalem on a young donkey, a colt, large enough to carry a man but clearly not a war horse like Pilate rode. He was embodying…

The Mysterious Unity of Creation

By Jody Cash | March 18, 2021

As we get closer to Easter, one of the theological issues that comes up is the sin of the world. Why would God have to resolve it? Why not just hit the cosmic do-over button? Why did someone or something have to die? The problem with the language that most of us were given is…

The Cross as a Sign

By Daniel P. Richards | March 11, 2021

As we turn to the middle of Lent and begin to look forward to Jerusalem and the Cross, we see through the lenses we have been given. The cross is a sign. One sign can be seen from a lot of different angles. For Rome it was a sign of their victory.  No terrorist, no…

Water Problems – Jesus Cleanses the Temple

By Daniel P. Richards | March 4, 2021

The leaks started as a toilet problem, little things. Then more toilets had problems and a leak started in the ceiling in the girls’ bathroom. A pipe might have been the problem.  These small symptoms were not the disease. Like many things in life they pointed to something larger. We have high water pressure at…

Take Up Your Cross

By Daniel P. Richards | February 25, 2021

Shame. It is hard to explain the shame of the cross in any way that touches our modern culture. We are not a people that feel shame in general.  In Jesus’s time, anyone associated with someone who was crucified would be humiliated. The cross was the perfect and complete symbol of shame. Imagine if someone…