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Looking Up

Have you heard? The news is always getting our attention with bad news because we are wired by biology to pay attention to things that may keep up out of danger.

When we hear that there may be something dangerous, we have to listen!  My favorite example of this was a commercial I heard at 9:30 pm watching a television show in college.  The local news channel broke in during a commercial break with this announcement:

“Something you may be eating right now may kill you! Tune in at 10.”

Come on! I may die before then.  Tell me now! Can you imagine the subconscious anxiety that was aroused by this one announcement? 

So hear me when I say this, this anxiety may be killing you. 

In Sunday’s Epistle Reading, the author of Ephesians tells us, “Be careful how you live, not as unwise people but as wise, making the most of the time, because the days are evil. So do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is.”

Wisdom is not based in fear of the world, but in awe of the Lord. When we begin to fill our minds and hearts with the Good News in Christ that the God of all creation knows us and loves us, and that we have adopted into God’s family so we have nothing to fear.

We cannot simply default to our biological inclinations to live wisely. We have to learn to live wisely, studying the way of Christ, and loving others without fear.

Look up.  

We are putting a new roof over your head. The Vestry has moved ahead to schedule an overhaul of our sanctuary roof.  The roofing company will begin in the days ahead, and this may disrupt the parking lot and building use over the next couple of weeks, but the repairs were due.

The Rev. Perry Pauley will be joining us on August 22nd at the 10:30 service.  Join us and meet him and his family at the reception coffee hour to follow.

Speaking of coffee hour, we are following the CDC recommendations to wear masks indoors, but we are allowing people to take off their masks at the coffee hour in order to drink and eat. We are all used to the risks that we take as we deal with COVID and can make appropriate decisions for us and those around us. 

We will be gracious to each other during this time because we are acting, not for ourselves, but for our neighbors.  We do not know the situation that another person has in their medical history, their home, or their past.  Do not judge, but create room for each other here in Christ’s Church.  

Let us come together boldly in this age of fear, but let us be wise in our love for each other, and kind in our words and deeds.  Thank you for being a part of God’s family, God’s reign, and Christ Church of the Ascension.

See you at church! -daniel+

The Very Rev. Daniel Paul Richards
Christ Church of the Ascension
Paradise Valley, Arizona