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Missioner for Children and Families

Major Purpose:

As authorized by the Rector and reporting to the Associate Rector for Parish Life, the Children and Families Missioner is responsible for the development and implementation of visioning, strategic and tactical elements of a program-based ministry for children and their families at, and through, Christ Church of the Ascension. The main components of the ministry include, but are not limited to, weekly Church Sunday School, Mid-Week Christian education programs, Vacation Bible School, additional summer programs, activities ministries, holiday offerings, Christian family fellowship activities for children and parents, outreach activities for Christ Church School families, and coordinated church school events, and special events as needed.

This position is a full-time, exempt, position with benefits. It is expected and encouraged that the Children and Families Missioner will take two (2) 24-hour periods of personal sabbath time each week.  The position reports to the Associate Rector for Parish Life and is subject to annual review at the close of the parish program year, which concludes after Vacation Bible School in June, each year. The position may be terminated at the request of the employee or the parish with one-month notice, or for cause at any time.

Scope of Responsibility:

  1. To develop and implement discipleship programming as needed, with an eye towards educational innovation, developmental age appropriateness, and spiritual development
  2. To recruit, train, sustain, and coordinate an intergenerational team of volunteers to teach and facilitate children’s and families’ programming
  3. To develop a partnership with, and serve as staff liaison, to the Children’s and Families’ Ministry Committee and Christ Church School staff
  4. To interact with parents to help them feel comfortable and connected to CCA.
  5. To embody the vision, values, theology, and aspirations of CCA’s lay and ordained leadership in our ministries to children and their families

Major Responsibilities:

  1. Administrative:
    1. Implement curricula for all age levels of classes and mid-week Christian Education program with input and guidance from Associate Rector and Family Ministries Committee
    2. Facilitate planning committee for our mid-week program, including worship planning
    3. Maintain an inventory of supplies and equipment, including purchasing, delivering, and setup/take-down as needed
    4. Oversee the annual enrollment of students and weekly check-in
    5. Keep and report weekly attendance of students and volunteers, by category, to staff, and vestry
    6. Be the host of the church Sunday school, welcoming new people, answering questions and directing them to the proper location
    7. Follow-up weekly by phone and in person with new families and in case of special need
    8. Update written communications for children’s ministry regularly (newsletters, bulletin boards, brochures, mailings, etc.)
    9. Working with parish administration, develop and maintain electronic forms of communication relevant to the ministry, with an eye toward continuing innovation (website, social media, blog)
    10. Maintain up to date data on children and their families, especially utilizing the church's communication and group management tool
    11. When called upon, attend new member classes to speak about children’s ministry opportunities
    12. Stay abreast of contemporary thinking in children's education and ministry

Leading Volunteers

    1. Develop an intergenerational team: recruit, select, and oversee teachers, assistants, nursery and childcare aids, and substitutes
    2. Assure all classes have a minimum of two volunteers
    3. Manage Safeguarding God's Children training via Diocesan Office.
    4. Plan and conduct curriculum training for teachers
    5. Order or assemble needed resources and supplies for teachers and programs
    6. Facilitate an evaluation of the effectiveness of the children’s educational programs of the church, and work to coordinate with school chaplain regarding overlap between church and school curricula
    7. Oversee nursery staff and the upkeep and appearance of the nursery area
    8. With normal consultation, hire nursery and other childcare staff with oversight and coordination with rector and parish administration
    9. Develop and meet monthly with the Children’s Ministry Committee who will help coordinate and manage the functioning of the nursery and discipleship programs

Coordinate with Staff and Clergy:

    1. Notify clergy of any pastoral concerns related to children and their families
    2. Plan and coordinate teacher and volunteer appreciation opportunities
    3. Notify and work with clergy in dealing with any behavioral problems with children and/or parents
    4. Notify and work with clergy in dealing with violation of volunteer policies for teachers/assistants in Children’s Ministries
    5. Fully participate in staff meetings and staff life
    6. Work with worship team on aspects of worship that relate to children and their families

General responsibilities:

    1. Be flexible with work schedule to meet the needs of the church and church
      events in the areas that involve children
    2. Attend weekly staff/program meetings and participate in worship life of the parish
    3. Coordinate children and youth involvement in liturgy (readers, acolytes, intercessors)
    4. Stay up-to-date and coordinate with diocesan youth events, especially summer and family camps, as well as create and maintain relationships with other parish children missioners
    5. Ensure children and families are represented across all parish ministries
    6. Advocate for children and families in parish governance, especially in monthly presentations to the Vestry
    7. Be a trustworthy colleague to the staff, practicing healthy communication and participating in staff-related social and community forming events
    8. Be a point of contact with community organizations and members of the church and school. Excellent communication and conflict resolution skills are essential qualifications for this position
    9. Responsibly hold keys, codes, credit cards and other items of fiscal responsibility for the church
    10. Develop and maintain collaborative work patterns within recognized lines of accountability
    11. Assist and support the clergy and other staff in their responsibilities in leadership.
    12. Develop, support and facilitate lay leadership
    13. Model the love of Christ in word and deed in your work, including practices of forgiveness and encouragement
    14. Pray for the children and their families touched by our ministries
    15. Practice personal spiritual growth

Other duties as assigned:

    1. The Missioner for CFmust be present for Sunday services and other weekend and weekly evening events as needed.
    2. The Missioner for CF will be responsible for additional duties and tasks beyond the scope of this job description that may be assigned from time to time.

Professional and Academic Qualifications:

    1. Minimum of a bachelor’s degree with course work in religious education, childhood development, primary or secondary education, OR other related disciplines
    2. Knowledge of, or interest in learning, family systems theory
    3. Experience in implementing Godly Play or similar interactive lectionary-based curriculum
    4. Strong leadership, people skills, and program analysis ability
    5. Ability to work both independently and work collaboratively with other partners in ministry
    6. Demonstrated ability to recruit, train, and lead volunteers
    7. Effective advocate for incorporation of children and families in all aspects of parish life.

This position reports directly to the Associate Rector for Parish Life but also coordinates with the Parish Administrator in matters regarding finances, schedule, and facilities usage.

3 weeks of vacation per annum and accrued sick and personal time under Employee Handbook and relevant church canons and state statutes.

This description supersedes previous descriptions, if applicable, and is intended to be in concert with the Employee Handbook and relevant national and diocesan canons.

Communication and Administrative Reception Assistant


The Communication and Administrative Reception Assistant is to provide a welcoming reception atmosphere while creating documents for various use and publications. A sense of responsibility, flexibility, and ownership are an integral part of the position.

Scope of Responsibility:

  1. Provide/create Liturgical Service Bulletins as needed for Sunday and Holiday services, Weddings, and Funerals.
  2. Generate weekly eblasts using Mailchimp.
  3. Post weekly or as needed to Facebook.
  4. Maintain a Google and Outlook calendar weekly or as needed.
  5. Post or update the website as needed.
  6. Provide eight hours of Administrative support to the Missioner of Children and Family Ministries.
  7. Provide/create/maintain various forms, documents, spreadsheets, and letters as requested by the Rector, Associate Rector, or Parish Administrator.
  8. Excellent communication skills are required for this position.
  9. Ability to work independently and collaboratively.

General responsibilities:

  1. Maintain a clean and professional workspace in all areas.
  2. Attend and participate in weekly staff meetings.
  3. Be the welcoming front line of the church in greeting the community, members of the church, and school in person or on the phone.

Professional and Academic Qualifications:

  1. Must be proficient in Windows 10, Outlook, and MS Office: Word, Excel, Power Point, Publisher.
  2. Competent in Adobe InDesign. Working knowledge of Adobe Bridge and Photoshop is a plus.
  3. Working knowledge of html or WordPress.
  4. Experienced working with databases; eTapestry preferred.
  5. Comfortable in using social media.
  6. Experienced in providing office administrative support and customer service by phone or in person.
  7. An understanding of mainline liturgy and church practices.
  8. Must be able to pass background checks and Safeguarding courses.

This position is a full-time, exempt, position with benefits.  The position reports to the Rector and Parish Administrator and is subject to annual review as outlined in the Church Employee Handbook. Vacation accrued per annum with sick and personal time under Employee Handbook and relevant church canons and state statutes. This description supersedes previous descriptions, if applicable, and is intended to be in concert with the Employee Handbook and relevant national and diocesan canons.

Please submit resumes with a cover letter to the Parish Administrator,