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Jesus as our Savior/Coronavirus, COVID-19, and Communion

Jesus as our Savior

Jesus is our savior. This phrase is central to the proclamation of the church, but not one you hear in conversation in the mainline world. Jesus has saved the world from the condemnation of sin. In Christ, God has forgiven us and offers us a righteousness that is not our own. That is good news!

The Gospel of Christ is simple: salvation has come to us for free! So what does belief have to do with it? If you do not believe in or trust the Good News of God in Christ, you will not live in the Kingdom. That is pretty simple. 

(See Romans 5. Paul has some great things to say about this for the next four weeks about this, beginning on Sunday.)

Coronavirus, COVID-19, and Communion

The news is on fire. The coronavirus is causing a furor. We do not yet know how much it will really affect our lives, but we are seeing it spread in the United States. While, personally, I do not think we should be doing much right now, there are some really basic things everyone should be doing already and now should be doing so diligently. 

  • Wash your hands. For twenty seconds in warm, soapy water.
  • Don’t touch your face. Keeping the petri dishes of the world from the holes in your immune system will do more than wearing a mask.
  • If you are sick, stay home. If you might be sick, stay home. 

When it comes to communion, we will continue to have church and serve communion unless the authorities tell us not to do so. If you are worried, please know that you can receive communion in one element, i.e. you can just take the bread and pass on the wine.  

Here are a couple of links from the CDC and the national church: 

As Episcopal Relief says:

“Our role in responding, as churches, dioceses and compassionate Christians, is to:

  • Combat fear with knowledge in order to encourage preparedness and decrease stigma.
  • Maintain operational continuity and continue worship life in the case of potential quarantine and disruption.
  • Show God’s compassion and care to those in our communities who are affected.”