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Invite, Welcome, Connect.

The new iPhone 11 lineup is out, and I want one. Well, I want the Pro of course, but even more important is that I need all the memory I can get; oh, and the new green color is so cool. 

Maybe you do not care about the latest tech news, and that may even be a good thing, but all of us care about something that gets us talking.

When was the last time you found yourself talking about church with the people you were with? It is easier to talk about other things, because we may not be sure what the people we are with will think – like we have admitted to having uncool political views. 

It is important to realize that if you are talking to people who are close to you, they already know that you go to church, believe certain things, and that it has an important place in your life. They may even think it is weird that you haven’t asked them to go with you yet. 

I would suggest some simple advice when thinking about inviting people to church. 

  1. Invite people you want to be at church. Our little parish is awesome, and we want awesome people to hang out with in worship, classes, and at coffee hour. 
  2. Just ask them if they would be interested. It unloads the question a little bit, but still opens the door.
  3. Then ride together or meet them out front, sit with them, and guide them through the service. 

Christ Church of the Ascension is not as cool as the new iPhone 11 Pro Max. And, like bringing up cell phones to friends, you may inadvertently step into something controversial; asking someone to church may be a little intimidating if you don’t regularly invite people to parties. 

But it is important to say that we have all kinds of people here, and your friends will definitely like someone here. Hopefully that includes liking you! It also should go without saying that new people will bring new perspectives and conversations to our party. Introduce your guests to others and ask them what they thought after meeting them. 

In all of this, pray. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you to ask the right person at the right time, and then simply smile and ask.

They may or may not get hooked. They may visit but have their own church or no church. Let God guide them as well, and trust that the Spirit is leading us all. They may become lifelong members and pillars of the place. It has happened here before.

Every Sunday, I am reminded how much I like the people of Christ Church. I know that you feel the same way because you say it in classes, surveys, and conversations. So tell somebody else and bring a friend to the party.

Speaking of parties, Stewardship season this fall will include some parties hosted here and off campus as well. Details are coming soon, but be on the lookout. 

Sunday School got off to a great start last Sunday with Shana and Co., beginning with a bang. It was great to see some familiar faces back after the summer and new faces for the first time. 

See you this weekend, or at the Diamondbacks game tomorrow night. Go ‘Backs!