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Do you remember your first few weeks at a new job? I have had a variety of odd jobs before becoming a priest, but these days first days come years apart. 

As Shana begins her first few weeks as our new Family Missioner, I have a request for you, our members: **let her know what you can do for families in our church**. 

She doesn’t need to hear how great the ministry was or how much you remember the 1970’s. But as we look forward to a period of rebuilding, she could use help and participation. 

One of the best things you can do is volunteer to be present. 

I learned years ago that the builders on Habitat for Humanity builds had little use for my lack of specialty skills, but I have good shoulders for carrying stuff and hanging out talking about God. 

So jump in. Commit, and help our Family Ministries get ready for an awesome year. 

Shana is from the South and has had some fascinating jobs before working for Christ Church School. She genuinely loves kids for who they are. 

So welcome her this weekend and reach out in the weeks ahead to offer support and let her know who you are. 

One week after I became a regular manager at Borders Books and Music decades ago, the executive team from Ann Arbor came out for a regular visit, and the president loved to ask questions of managers to be sure they knew their stores. 

I crammed like it was college finals to know every operational detail under my purview. And the first question I got asked was, “What book do you read when you need to reconnect with your purpose?” It was the human resources vice president who took time to connect with managers and let them know what resources were available.

By the time I got to show off that I knew how many linear feet of shelving we had, I had been told in a dozen ways that I was part of something bigger and that these impressive people were there for me.

Be a part of our something bigger. Christ Church provides traditional faith, beautiful worship, and the chance to love the world in tangible ways. Help your church become all we are meant to be.