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“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” Hebrews 11:1, New International Version

Our faith is in the teachings of Jesus Christ and in his incarnation of God. We believe in the teachings of Christ and about Christ. But faith is more than just belief. Faith is trust.

We trust, and as the writer of Hebrews reminds us we have confidence and assurance in what we cannot see. 

It can be hard to see the Reign of God in times of conflict, plague, and natural disasters. It is easier to have confidence when your side wins or even might win, when you are secure or when you are safe. But learning to have faith can be difficult when what you love is in danger.

That’s that one reason that the Bible teaches us not to love the things of this world, so that we don’t lose faith in God when things are difficult.  

Our faith is not in the kingdoms, nations, or companies of this world, but our faith is meant to be lived in this world. We are to work for justice and peace, mercy and righteousness in this world, but we are not to put our hope in those things coming to pass here.

All of that is to say, VOTE and vote your faith inspired conscience. Your vote should be, as best as possible, in line with the work of Christ in this world.  

But our hope is not in the outcome of this or any other election. This world, even the United States, is not the Reign of God. Nor is the Reign of God dependent on this world or the United States. 

Our citizenship lies in that Reign that is not yet fully realized here. But our work as ambassadors of that God who reigns is here, so we keep trying to work it out.

The gap is why we can have people of sincere faith and seeking for God’s righteousness who disagree about elections. So be gracious and pray, work hard and have faith.

God’s Reign is eternal, and you should be working for a better world and a better nation for all of his children.  

It is also a good time to remember that this moment matters, but it will pass. Be patient in love and faithful to Christ.

In Him alone,