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Entering the Mystery Again – Holy Week

Every year we come back to the central mystery of the faith as Christ enters into Jerusalem. The mystery is held in two images of the King.

Jesus rides into Jerusalem on a young donkey, a colt, large enough to carry a man but clearly not a war horse like Pilate rode. He was embodying the King promised in Zechariah 9:9, the King both victorious and humble, who will end war and proclaim peace. 

This King will not, however, be like any king the world has ever known. He will “not cry or lift up his voice, a dimly burning wick he will quench.” Jesus will embody the gentle love of God faithfully and completely. He won’t reject that way even as he faces  humiliation and death. He will trust his Father all the way through, even through the pain of rejection and loneliness.

Over the last few months we have seen how people in the Bible rejected the Way of God, even when God said, “I will be their God, and they will be my people.” They chose religion when they turned to Moses and said, “You speak to God, and let God speak to you, but do not let God speak to us, or we shall die.” Later they chose an earthly king to rule over them rather than let God rule their hearts.

Now Jesus is riding right into those two choices, facing both temple and throne. 

We have rejected God and turned to rule over ourselves or turned that rule over to others, we have let people stand between us and God as mediators, but God has come to us in his Son. 

“For God so loved the world, that he sent his only begotten Son .  . . “ This week we remember how God came to us in Christ when we would not come to him. We remember how God’s love is triumphant even in the midst of loneliness, despair, and death, a message we could all use this year.

We enter the sacred mystery of the second image of the King when he is lifted up on the Cross, sacrificing himself to join earth and heaven and restore humanity, to open for us the Way of Life through the Cross. Saint Paul says, “While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” 

Of course the story does not end there. Saturday’s rest becomes Sunday’s glory. Come live the story with us this Holy Week. The schedule is below. Links are provided. We will have Morning Prayer at 8 am each day of the week. We will have in-person Eucharist each evening, and we will have Easter finally together both online and here on campus.  

Join us as we journey into the mystery again.


The Very Rev. Daniel Paul Richards
Christ Church of the Ascension
Paradise Valley, Arizona