Services and Classes


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9 am Online Service - Morning Prayer

ZOOM Meeting ID# 913 8140 9028, Password 4015

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10:30 am Eucharist Service in the Church

(Masks should be worn within 6 feet of others and in common areas.)

Nursery Care is available during this service for infants - Pre-K children.

Please click here for Sunday School information (K-5th grades).

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6 pm Eucharist Service in the Church

(Masks should be worn for the entire service.)

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Wednesday - 10:00 am Healing Eucharist Service in the Church Chapel

(Masks should be worn for the entire service.)


NOTE: All classes will be held ONLINE ONLY until further notice. Click the link above and scroll down the page to see class dates, links and times!


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What is Education for Ministry?

Education for Ministry at Christ Church of the Ascension focuses on church history from about 100AD until about 1700AD. We meet Monday evenings from 6:00 until 9:00. There are several openings available. Individuals who have completed the first and second years of EFM are invited to join us. For more information, please contact Duane Hoole or the church office at 602-840-8210. This opportunity is open to people from other churches, denominations, and religious backgrounds.

Education for Ministry (EFM) is a program of Christian theological education-at-a-distance of the School of Theology of the University of the South. Students sign up one year at a time for this four-year adult class. About half the class time is devoted to an academic study of the Old and New Testaments, church history, liturgy, and theology.  (There are no tests, no papers due.) The other half of our time, we delve into discussions covering many topics generated by the class. Students meet once a week under the guidance of trained mentors.

Why Education for Ministry?

Christian lay persons face the difficult and often subtle task of interpreting the richness of the Christian faith in a complex and theologically diverse world. EFM offers the kind of theological education which gives reason and historical context to one’s faith and fosters spiritual growth. As the emphasis on lay participation in church ministry has increased, EFM has come to play an important part by providing a program that develops an informed and knowledgeable laity.

Participants in EFM study the entire sweep of the Christian tradition, from the earliest period to the present. Students learn the disciplines of biblical exegesis and interpretation, systematic theology, church history, ethics, liturgics and ascetical theology, which form the core of a seminary education. The traditional content is not studied in a vacuum; however. EFM creates small "communities of learning" where life events may be examined in the light of the materials being studied. While the academic material is substantial, there is the added focus on life implications and understanding them in a theological context. EFM provides adult Christians with a basic skill -- theological reflection, which sharpens the skills of personal and cultural assessment.

For more information, please contact the church office at 602-840-8210 or