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Easter and the New Day

Thank you to everyone who made Holy Week so holy and Easter so awesome! The choir, altar and flower guilds, servers, and volunteers who do everything from reading to childcare, thank you. To donors and stewards of the church, thank you.

You embody what the Book of Revelation calls “the holy priesthood of God” that offers the worship of the cosmos in heaven. Thank you!

The choir, Tom Peterson, and Joel Moore gave wonderful voice to our praise, culminating in the Easter Sunday offering. 

Now, we face the daunting reality that we have been given new life, forgiveness of sins, and a vocation to bring God’s grace to our world.  This begins in a particular way with the Sundays of Easter. 

Each week we will feel out our vocation together. So let us begin.

Now some important news about Staff Changes. 

On Maundy Thursday, Julie Lyons delivered her letter of resignation as our Director of Family Ministries after nine years on staff. We will say goodbye to her on Sunday May 5th at the Coffee Hour. 

Her leadership and volunteer organization were key to our families’ experience of Christ Church, and she will be missed. Stay tuned for information about the end of year schedule, but know that we are committed to the excellence of Family Ministries and will be looking for a new director soon.

First, join in praying for Julie and our search for a new director. Second, join us in saying good-bye to Julie and Rebecca on Sunday, May 5th at Coffee Hour.

As announced earlier, the Very Rev. Rebecca McClain is headed to Grace Church on Lopez Island in Washington. Although she is headed out at the end of May, she is wrapping up her time with CCA early to prepare to move. She has been a huge support this past year and will be missed.

There is always a sense of loss when someone leaves the staff. The ministers of the church become part of our relationship with the community and with God. Let us thank Julie and Rebecca on May 5th and grieve and rejoice with them as we seek where Christ is leading us in this new day.