The Order of the Daughters of the King

The Joy in the Desert Chapter of The Order of the Daughters of the King © (DoK) is a spiritual sisterhood of women dedicated to prayer, service and evangelism to enhance our spiritual growth and that of the parish we are in.  We are 28,000 strong in the United States, and in multiple other countries. For more Daughters information, or cities where Daughters chapters are located, please see our website at

Empowered by the Holy Spirit, our vision as Daughters is to know Jesus Christ, to make him known to others, and to become reflections of God’s love throughout the world.

We meet on the second Sunday of each month from 11:30 until approximately 1 pm, and maintain a Daughters Prayer List, which is updated monthly and whenever any Daughter receives a request to be added.  We also sponsor a number of events throughout the year, such as trips to Quiet Days and Gatherings, tours for the Stations of the Cross, meditation half hours between morning services during both Christmas and Lent, a yearly Diocesan Gathering, and our international Triennial (near Salt Lake City in 2015 and in Austin, TX in 2018).

Our Motto begins: "I am but one; but I am one. I can't do everything, but I can do something." We strive to be blessed to be a blessing.

Any lay or clergy lady parishioner who is interested in joining us, or who wants more information on the Daughters, is invited to our monthly chapter meeting and/or please contact a DOK member by email or contact the church office at 602-840-8210.