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Change and Reopening

Members, supporters, friends, disciples,

Well, by now you have heard the news. The Rev. Timothy Watt and the Rev. Tanya Watt are moving to Rhode Island in June. We are both grateful for his time with us and joyful that his gifts will be used in the broader church. I am going to miss the joy and fun he brought to ministry with our team and someone who actually got my obscure childhood cultural references in the office. 

Life goes on. VBS is being planned and filmed and assembled. Classes are full every week. And our worship continues in new and interesting ways. There is a lot in this newsletter, so I will be brief. 

1. We need your support. Your money, both pledges and offerings, make it possible for your church to do its work.  Thank you! So many people have moved to online giving as well as mailing in gifts, and that has kept the lights on and the ministry moving.

2. Pledging helps. Many people in our parish give without pledging. What is the difference? A pledge is just a written statement telling us what intend to do in response to God’s blessings in your life this year. Pledging allows us to plan and adjust for the future. It also allows you to make a firm commitment to God at work in this place. If you need a pledge card you can pick one up in the narthex or the office or simply email us if you would like.

3. Join us. I am Zoom-tired like many people. I spend way more of my day on the phone and Zoom meetings trying to both do my work as your rector and pastor and as a citizen and part of the diocese. I know many of you are Zooming or something similar for work and school and everything else. Thank you for being faithful to worshipping even when it isn’t convenient. 

You are part of the royal priesthood! In our readings this weekend, you are going to be reminded in Peter’s First Letter that you have been reborn into God’s family, a chosen race, a royal priesthood. If you have been baptized, you have work to do.

Your work includes faithful worship. And, if you are like me, that is difficult in the season of the screen. But, you are needed as part of the prayers of the church. Join us online at any of the many services and classes as we work together. 

Our whole job is to Know, Love, and Serve Christ. We are here to equip you and help you fulfill your life in ministry to Christ. I am proud of the work our staff has done and is doing to keep us moving. Some of this will continue as we move forward.

Speaking of moving forward, the Vestry and I are working on a plan for when we can begin to safely reopen. I know that many people would like to hurry up the process, but we will be deliberate and cautious in love of our more vulnerable members and their families because it is not always obvious who is at risk. But know that I am as anxious as anyone to be back at the table with you. 

We are assembling a task force to see what our policies and procedures, needs, and risks would be in gathering. Nothing is open until at least May 25 by order of the bishop. Even then we will be watching, praying, and using the best available data to care for our community. Keep us in your prayers as we discern the way forward.

Until that time, please continue to be faithful to our call to Christ, and I will see you online soon.

In Him,