Invite, Welcome, Connect.

September 12, 2019

The new iPhone 11 lineup is out, and I want one. Well, I want the Pro of course, but even more important is that I need all the memory I can get; oh, and the new green color is so cool.  Maybe you do not care about the latest tech news, and that may even…

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Walk In Love to Sunday School

September 5, 2019

I love this time of year as we mark the start of a new educational year filled with friends and fun! We are busy preparing for our big Sunday School kick-off this coming Sunday (9/8), and everything is new and exciting here at Christ Church of the Ascension. Please plan to have your children join…

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We are God’s Word to the World in Christ

August 2, 2019

How are people to know who God is? In the Bible, the statement to the world about the nature of God was meant to be us, the people called to serve in his Name.  In the Hebrew Law, Torah, was not written so people should read the Torah, but that by their lives the people…

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How can I help?

July 27, 2019

Do you remember your first few weeks at a new job? I have had a variety of odd jobs before becoming a priest, but these days first days come years apart.  As Shana begins her first few weeks as our new Family Missioner, I have a request for you, our members: **let her know what you…

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Ordination and Invitation

July 17, 2019

This Saturday at 10 a.m. at Saint Augustine’s Episcopal Church in Tempe, Arizona, the Rt. Rev. Jennifer Reddall will ordain the Rev. Tanya Watt to the sacred order of priest in the church. Tanya is Tim’s wife and so connected to Christ Church in a direct way.  I was ordained in 2003 at All Saints,…

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The Things We See and the Side We’re On

July 11, 2019

There comes a point where you choose. Either you will be on God’s side or not. To be on God’s side is to be on the side of life, love, and wholeness, to seek to make the world a better place.  For years there was a Child Protective Services person who was my go-to contact…

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American and Christian

July 5, 2019

Back around the year 1200 or so the nation-state was not an assumed idea. There were kingdoms and city-states in Europe, but for the most part there were not nations as we think of them now self-organized and self-governing institutions defined primarily by land. The church, pre-reformation, was universal and existed across Europe, northern Africa,…

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Will You Follow?

June 28, 2019

“As the Lord lives, and as you yourself live, I will not leave you.” These are words of assurance from the Prophet Elisha to the Prophet Elijah in this coming Sunday’s lectionary readings.  When Elijah’s time had come to be taken up Elisha accompanied him despite the grave risks of the journey.  He followed him all the…

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Associate Rector’s Note

June 21, 2019

I am pleased to announce that we have been blessed in our search for our new Missioner for Children and Families and our new Communications and Administrative Assistant!  Shana Halpin is joining us as the new Missioner to our Children and Families.  Jody Cash is joining our team as Communications and Administrative Assistant.  Both of…

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Pentecost and Summer Faith.

June 14, 2019

Is it getting hot around here? As June settles in it is a good time to think through a plan for your summer faith. In the Episcopal church, people seem to think that God takes the summer months off.  Around here that makes sense, given the weather feels less heavenly, but it was true in…

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