Pentecost and Summer Faith.

June 14, 2019

Is it getting hot around here? As June settles in it is a good time to think through a plan for your summer faith. In the Episcopal church, people seem to think that God takes the summer months off.  Around here that makes sense, given the weather feels less heavenly, but it was true in…

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FranklinCovey and the Beginnings of a Rule of Life

May 31, 2019

My introduction to the ideas behind forming a rule of life began during college when I discovered FranklinQuest planners and the book Ten Natural Laws of Time and Life Management by Hyrum Smith. The simple pyramid scheme of determining life values then translating those into goals and daily actions has been a part of their formula for success for years. I…

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What is the purpose? What is your purpose?

May 23, 2019

In Revelation 21 the new Jerusalem, the City of God, comes down to earth. For two weeks we explore this image of our final destiny, the world’s final destiny. This last week we saw that in that day we will be in the presence of God directly, and so we should know what kind of God this…

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“We all, like sheep, have gone astray . . . ” -Isaiah 56:3

May 15, 2019

Nobody wants to be a sheep. Okay, I never wanted to be a sheep. I would say in private that I always felt more like a goat, but then goats have their own image problem thanks to Satan. Repeatedly though in the Bible, we are called sheep.  Neither am I a shepherd, though many people think…

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The Good Shepherd

May 9, 2019

Today I drove out to New River and met Bishop Jennifer Reddall at the home of a dear friend and retired priest who died of cancer. We offered last rights and prayers for the Rev. Liz Simmons with her sister, friend, and several dogs.  Liz and I served on Commission on Ministry together fifteen years…

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Learning to be a New Creation in Christ

May 3, 2019

As a follower of Christ I am told to take up my cross and follow Jesus (Mark 8:34-35). In Easter that charge takes on the promise of eternal life, a life without end in the presence, knowledge, and will of God. But what does that mean about my life of responsibilities, rights, and privileges?  In…

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Easter and the New Day

April 25, 2019

Thank you to everyone who made Holy Week so holy and Easter so awesome! The choir, altar and flower guilds, servers, and volunteers who do everything from reading to childcare, thank you. To donors and stewards of the church, thank you. You embody what the Book of Revelation calls “the holy priesthood of God” that…

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Good Friday and the Cross as God’s Claim on the World

April 19, 2019

In the fifth chapter of The Brothers Karamazov, we are told that Ivan Fyodorovich has written a controversial article arguing against the separation of church and state. He is more claiming that the Orthodox Church fails when it forgets that it contains the world and believes that the world somehow contains the church.  This rather…

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Holy Week and Easter at Christ Church of the Ascension

April 11, 2019

During Holy Week our services take on the particular shape of the last week of Jesus’s life, moving from simple services of faithful observation to the last meal of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday’s crucifixion, Holy Saturday’s quiet waiting, and then on Saturday night, the new flame is lit and comes into the darkened church alone…

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Remembrance and Celebration this Weekend

April 5, 2019

Back in the fourth century the Roman Empire granted official status to the church, and this included some benefits that are important to us. The Bishop and clergy could vest themselves with signs of Roman aristocracy, the Bishops were provided a horse for travel and guard when necessary, and basilicas were given as gathering places…

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