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Back to Common Time

Our news feed has been loaded up for a very long time with urgent headlines and implied if not actual exclamation points. So it is hopeful that for a few weeks, liturgical time goes back to plain old green common time.

After Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany, we have just a couple of Sundays before Lent and Easter are upon us (February 17th is Ash Wednesday).

We call these weeks the little common time, but in truth they are only common in name. They are busy weeks around the parish, between year’s end and beginning and the Annual Meeting, but they have been particularly busy in the world, as you may have noticed.

So in this little common time, take a little break.  Breathe deep, and get back to normal. Yes, the world is still in Corona Time, but we know the world is Not Yet what it will be, and that distance is always measured in strife, plague, and conflict. 

That may sound a little Puritanical, but it is true that the world is not yet rejoined with heaven and sin is not yet vanquished. 

We are still ambassadors of a reality that is not yet realized. We are supposed to be a people in the church who live in the resurrection ahead of time. We are supposed to already by practicing the justice, peace, and abiding in God that we see in the end of the Book of Revelation. 

Our common time is uncommon, or it should be. So take that deep breath and remember who you are, O child of God, redeemed of Christ, temple of the Holy Spirit. 

Join us for the Annual Meeting where we get back to the business of being different, loving each other and the world that God loves. Join us in worship, bringing our prayers before God and taking Christ’s body out into the world where the Spirit calls us.


The Very Rev. Daniel Paul Richards
Christ Church of the Ascension
Paradise Valley, Arizona