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Ascension Society: Leaving a Legacy

Ascension Society

Building your Legacy at Christ Church of the Ascension

What is Planned Giving

Planned giving encompasses a variety of ways that gifts can be made to the church from accumulated resources. It usually involves financial or estate planning; however, it is not reserved for the wealthy. Planned giving is a means by which anyone concerned with the wise use of his or her personal resources makes a considered choice about their ultimate disposition.

In general planned gifts are made through:

  • A Bequest in a Will
  • A Life Income Gift such as a pooled income fund, a charitable gift annuity, or a charitable remainder trust
  • Gifts of Special Assets (real estate, closely held stock, life insurance)

Planned giving establishes a way for you to provide for family members while also remembering the church. It enables you to provide more for your heirs, to make a larger gift than thought possible, and even reduce taxes.

Planned gifts can be designated for CCA’s general funds or specific ministries. Planned gifts are either outright gifts (i.e., gifts of appreciated securities, real property, personal property, etc.) or deferred gifts (i.e. bequests, charitable gift annuities, charitable trusts).

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