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A Week of Rapid Change

Another week of rapid change has left us all feeling a sense of whiplash. A week ago today I was driving around Lake Havasu for a visit to another parish, and I was struck by the number of people from California and thinking that we should probably be careful about exposure. By then people were making changes, and we were planning to have communion in one kind, but we were not even considering that we would not be meeting for weeks or months as a church. Who knows how this crisis will change over the coming days or weeks?

What I want you to know is that we are making rapid changes at Christ Church of the Ascension in order to provide worship, study, and service to our community. We are here. Our staff has arranged careful coverage for the weeks ahead, assuming that we can still be out of our homes. You may reach us by phone and email. 

Worship. You will find instructions to access worship for Sunday below in the email. We are experimenting this week with ZOOM for Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer together this Sunday. ZOOM is the interactive platform we have been using this week for classes, but your access will be muted for worship. (That way if one person’s dog starts barking during the Creed we will not all be distracted.) The 10:15 service will be recorded and posted on Facebook and the website. 

Study. Our weekly classes are available on ZOOM as well. Please look for the class links and instructions for signing up for Zoom in this week’s eblast – everyone is welcome to participate by clicking the link at the class time. These classes have been a great way to get out of the isolation of the week.

Service. Our Community of Hope group started reaching out this week by phone to those on our pastoral care list. Tim and I will continue reaching out to members by phone this week as well. Visitations are extremely limited right now for practical reasons. If you need care, please let us know. But for everyone, I ask you to take time while you are home to reach out to those you know, even if you are not sure if they need it. We all need contact and support during this time. We need the church, and none of us is exempt from the need for community. 

If you are home and available to run errands safely, please contact the office and let us know. We are organizing a C19 Response Team that can help pick-up prescriptions and supplies for people unable to get out of the house. We will work to organize this group in the coming days, and we will reach out to volunteers as needed. 

Thank you. Thank you to each member who has joined in and will join in online this week. Thank you for continuing to give during this strange and difficult time. And finally, I want to thank our staff for giving this week of their time and talents, even discovering new ones as we quickly go online for our life together. 

ZOOM. I know that participating in a program like Zoom is new for many people. We have considered different options but found this to be the easiest on-ramp for this kind of platform.

Podcast. Tim and I are starting a podcast this week called Ascending. Look for it on Apple podcasts or wait for links to come.

Stewardship. We depend on our members to provide these opportunities, and we depend on your faithful giving. Thank you for giving online through the website, by mail, and through your financial institutions. It matters right now.

All of us are in new territory here, but like Abraham before us, we will discover that God is present and that we are still one body in Christ.