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A New Day and Old Celebrations

Every year around the first of October, Episcopal churches celebrate Episcopal schools, and so have we for more than fifteen years. The choice to offer a school as part of the ministry of this parish was a bold one that has been an incredible blessing to the health and vitality of our parish. I often look out the window to see adorable faces pressed against the glass of the conference room door.

What may not be so obvious to those outside the school is the quality of formation the children of Christ Church School receive as budding Episcopalians. Chaplain Erin Cox Oney does a fabulous job of introducing them to the mechanics of liturgy and the stuff of worship. Do you know what a stoop is? Or where one is found in our church? Do you know the call and responses for Morning Prayer and the Eucharist? Our students do because of the classes and chapels that form the thread that bonds their time here in worship. 

Just last year we made a tweak to worship where we begin some of the chapel services with a single chime and have children hold up their hands and lower them as the sound gets quieter. That small exercise in silence creates a profound shift in their attention and presence, and is just one of the ways we try to model a turn to God in the life of children.

How many times have a I stood in my room after an exasperating experience with my own kids where I over-reacted or did not know how to react to some moment of unexpected response? (That is polite code for “What just happened?” or “What did I just say?”) How many times have you wanted a better way to see or talk as a parent? 

This year, Christ Church School and Christ Church of the Ascension are excited to offer another joint education night for parents on Thursday, October 24 at 6:30 pm in Ascension Chapel. Love and Logic is one of the most profound tools you can have as a parent trying to navigate raising children. 

We have a Love and Logic trainer coming in to offer us a system of response that puts the power of decisions and self-motivated change back into your children’s hands. It also gives you some clues about what to say (and not say) when everything goes sideways. It’s free. Join us.