We Will Endure and Shine

Dear Family of Christ Church, 
It is with sadness that I write today because this is Laura Tobin's last day in the office. She has been with our parish for five years through pastoral change and my coming on board. She has been a faithful and kind member of the staff.  We are grateful for her service and love for our community.
This also means that we are in a time of transition, so I ask your patience for the next few weeks as I travel with Amy for a needed break (June 18 - 24) and then come back to continue interviewing and working to secure a new administrator and staff the office. 

Thank you to those who have volunteered to keep the office afloat and encourage you to come to me or to your vestry with questions or suggestions during this time of transition. 
Christ Church of the Ascension is built on solid rock of spiritual stones that have been proven in more difficult times than these. We will endure and shine.
This week in preparing for interviews and writing job descriptions, I have been writing and rewriting descriptions of the church and the culture of the community and staff. I want to share a couple of brief thoughts with you.
We exist to make disciples, to be a community of discipleship, and the staff exists to equip this community to know, love, and serve Christ. We will succeed when each and every member knows Christ in the Bible and traditions of the church, loves Christ in daily prayer and weekly worship and in loving our neighbor, and when every member is empowered and equipped to serve Christ here, at home, and in their lives according to their spiritual gifts.
We can only do those things through your faithfulness and stewardship. As we come to know, love, and serve him together, the light of this place, this embassy of his kingdom, will continue to bring peace and life to those who enter here and around the world. Thank you for being a part of what Christ is doing here.