Newcomers Class

Whether you are new to Christ Church, new to the Christian faith, a long-time Episcopalian, or simply interest in growing your knowledge of the church, these classes are for you!

The next Newcomers Class will begin in May 2014. Fr. Phil leads the class on Wednesday nights for 5 weeks in the Teen Center.

Each class covers one of the Four Foundations of our church: Worship, Service, Giving, and Education. Please join us for some fun and enlightening classes.

  1. Get to know the Rector, our campus with a tour and learn about the Episcopal traditions during a typical Sunday Service
  2. Explore the basics of Christianity and the Message of the Gospel. Learn about the history and development of the Christian Chruch and our place in that continuum. The history of the founding of Christ Church of the Ascension will also be covered.
  3. Delve into the specifics of the Episcopal Church and Parish Leadership Structures on both the Diocesan and National levels. This lesson includes explanation of Episcopal practices, the Church Calendar and more about what we believe.
  4. Looking inward and examining our own spiritual journey and growth. Learn more about our prayer lives and how to navigate The Book of Common Prayer.
  5. Explore how to get involved in the Christ Church family through classes, choir, the school, etc. Examining our call to “out-reach” by service in the community and the world
  6. The last meeting we celebrate with a closing dinner welcoming those who wish to become new members and explaining the options of Baptism, Confirmation and Stewardship.

Please call our office at (602) 840-8210 for more info and look in the bulletin announcing the exact dates of the next class.