CCA Sermons

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Title Scripture Speaker Date Series
God is Here Right Now Reverend William K. Young 2015-04-12 General Topics
Easter Service Rite Two: God is Love Reverend William K. Young 2015-04-05 General Topics
Easter Service Rite One: Alleluia! He's Not Here! The Reverend Elizabeth Blunt 2015-04-05 General Topics
Following Jesus Reverend William K. Young 2015-03-30 General Topics
Lent V: Now the World Has Gone After Him The Reverend Elizabeth Blunt 2015-03-22 General Topics
Law and Disorder… John’s Cleansing of the Temple The Reverend Elizabeth Blunt 2015-03-08 General Topics
Faith Reverend William K. Young 2015-03-01 General Topics
The Beginning of the End: Jesus and Satan in the Wilderness The Reverend Elizabeth Blunt 2015-02-23 General Topics
Snoopy's Lesson to Us Reverend William K. Young 2015-02-09 General Topics
What Have You to do with Us? Doubts, Demons, and Diligence in Mark 1:21-28 The Reverend Elizabeth Blunt 2015-02-01 General Topics
Time & Call Rev. Canon Frank Clark 2015-01-25 General Topics
Manipulation of Metaphors Fr. David Pettengill 2015-01-18 General Topics
God is the Beginning of Every Fresh Start The Reverend Elizabeth Blunt 2015-01-12 General Topics
The Visit of the Wise Men Rev. Canon Frank Clark 2015-01-04 General Topics
On Light The Reverend Elizabeth Blunt 2014-12-28 General Topics
4th Advent “Say Yes to God” Fr. Phillip Jackson 2014-12-21 General Topics
Third Sunday of Advent Fr. Phillip Jackson 2014-12-14 General Topics
Advent 2: Some Thoughts on Leaving Fr. Phillip Jackson 2014-12-07 General Topics
A Service for Leave Taking Fr. Phillip Jackson 2014-12-07 General Topics
1 Advent: Keep Awake Fr. Phillip Jackson 2014-11-30 General Topics