CCA Sermons

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Title Scripture Speaker Date Series
As You Wish The Reverend Elizabeth Blunt 2015-10-18 General Topics
Jesus' Command to Love Reverend William K. Young 2015-10-11 General Topics
Sitting at the Feet of Jesus: Sermon for Day School Sunday The Reverend Canon Megan Traquair 2015-10-04 General Topics
Don’t Despair – God is There! Reverend William K. Young 2015-09-27 General Topics
Home and the Heart The Reverend Elizabeth Blunt 2015-09-20 General Topics
Fair Winds for the Good Ship CCA Fr. Thomas Davidson 2015-09-13 General Topics
Believe and Do Reverend William K. Young 2015-09-06 General Topics
Things We Lost in the Enlightenment: The Romance of Spiritual Purity The Reverend Elizabeth Blunt 2015-08-30 General Topics
Testaments of Service Reverend William K. Young 2015-08-09 General Topics
The Belly Knows Best: Following our Stomachs to Jesus The Reverend Elizabeth Blunt 2015-08-02 General Topics
The Merits of Sheepishness The Reverend Elizabeth Blunt 2015-07-19 General Topics
Moral Compasses and Plumb Lines: Finding (and Keeping) Our Bearings in a Topsy-Turvy World The Reverend Elizabeth Blunt 2015-07-12 General Topics
Independent and Dependent Reverend William K. Young 2015-07-05 General Topics
Faith in the Crowd: Mark 5 and Anonymous Legacies The Reverend Elizabeth Blunt 2015-06-28 General Topics
Peace! Be Still! Reverend William K. Young 2015-06-21 General Topics
God Acting Through Failure Reverend William K. Young 2015-05-17 General Topics
The Taste, Smell & Deeds of a Mother’s Love The Right Rev. Kirk Smith 2015-05-10 General Topics
Fruits of Following Jesus The Reverend Clayton Ingalls 2015-05-03 General Topics
The Good Shepherd’s Presence Reverend William K. Young 2015-04-26 General Topics
Cultivating Seeds of Doubt The Reverend Elizabeth Blunt 2015-04-19 General Topics