Vestry and Officer of Christ Church of the Ascension


Rector: The Reverend Daniel P. Richards
Senior Warden: Lou Klejbuk
Junior Warden: Andrew Waite
Treasurer: Brian Rowland
Chancellor: John Travis
Clerk: Joyce Klejbuk
Cathy Clark Arnold
Mary Ann Bradbury
Cody Bro
Cathie Galloway
Lou Klejbuk
Wendy Marshall
Pedro Miranda
Carol Richardson
Will Reimers
John Riddell
Thomas Rindahl
Janene Smith
Andrew Waite
Keri Westphal

Merriam Webster defines the word "vestry" as "an elective body in an Episcopal parish composed of the rector and a group of elected parishioners administering the temporal affairs of the parish". CCA Vestry members are elected in the Annual Meeting in January. Usually members are elected to a term of three years. Also in the annual meeting, the Junior Warden is elected for a term of one year by the parish. The Senior Warden is appointed by the rector. The Vestry votes for the secretary and treasurer during the first meeting of the year. 

Top Three Goals & Priorities of Christ Church of the Ascension

  1. Develop and implement a comprehensive strategy to reach new people and incorporate them into the life and ministries of our parish.
  2. Make necessary changes to attract families with children and youth to our parish.
  3. Further develop ministries that work toward healing those broken by life circumstances in our community and beyond.

Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the month to discuss the budget, large expenditures, outreach opportunities, and up-coming events in the life of the church. These meetings are open for any member to attend.